Frequently Asked Questions

About Pininvest

Pininvest is for the individual investor who may view investment ideas and access detailed asset and fund information – and fact sheets – on the platform

By tracking selections on the personal bookmark page or in a portfolio, the individual investor can test investment options in a virtual context offers rich content on themes and ETF listings (fundamental and analytics); asset factsheets and detailed accounting and ratio history (NYSE and NASDAQ); personal portfolios

Pininvest rolls investment themes, in-depth commentary and indices into one application

We believe a lot of attention should be paid to themes as an alternative to market index funds

Themes may be trending, and an investor may benefit from the momentum

But of equal importance are down beaten industries, which may be ripe for a turnaround

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Funds tracking the S&P500 have had a great run but will it last …

On a rollercoaster, it is obviously not possible to set a date on a market reversal

But it sounds reasonable to anticipate by tracking the indices and sector rotation

No. assists your research with guidelines, not with investment recommendations

Themes will suggest potential developments in specialized industries and by bookmarking themes, you are able to follow the selection over time before making your investment decision.

Consult your financial advisor before investing your own research

We have taken comprehensive steps to ensure that your Personal Information is secure inside the Pininvest servers and cannot be accessed, used, or disclosed by unauthorized persons, from an infrastructure level, user application, and database perspective

Accessing Pininvest

It is possible but not convenient

A mobile Pininvest app is available on Google store (and shortly on Apple store) to keep track of your bookmarked selection, access themes and follow asset performance

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Registered users have access to Bookmarking, Fact Sheets, Theme Analytics and Portfolio Construction

Learn more analytics, bookmarks, fact sheets & porfolio construction require simple registration

Pinindices: a Total Market index and Sector indices of the top 1200 companies by market cap – charting performance and risk history

Pininvest mobile: an app on Google store (shortly on Apple store)

Portfolios: a portfolio management add-on, including cash overview, investment simulation, and reporting (pdf)

Pininfos: a weekly blog of macro views on selected investment themes

The best of

  • Themes often combine American and foreign (OTC-listed) companies
  • Themes cover niche markets or industry segments internationally
  • Gain insights by ranking the constituent assets by performance or by risk exposure (volatility)

The Pininvest database covers more than 2000 exchange traded funds (ETFs), providing end-of-day pricing and fundamentals

View fund information on Asset Infos, fees & expenses, risk sensitivity and asset exposure under Details > Data > “Ratios, Fees and Exposure details”

  • Click any asset name for charts, ratios, fundamental data, Internet links and a detailed factsheet
  • Enter a ticker on the top Asset Infos bar for direct access
  • Move the mouse over a listed ticker to view the quick price chart – all prices end-of-day

The Pininvest toolbox

  • Double click to expand a chart – double click to close
  • Click any asset bubble on the volatility / performance chart to access Asset Information
  • Performance and volatility / performance charts – Select an area - Click-Drag by holding down the mouse button and drag the cursor over the selected area - 'Reset zoom' to close
  • To bookmark, free registration with your email
  • Your personal selection of bookmarked themes and assets is one click away on and on Pininvest Mobile app
  • Bookmark assets to track end-of-day price, volatility and fundamentals of your selection at any time
  • Asset performance reflects the % price change over the period you selected (1-year by default)
  • Themes list unweighted (or unit) assets – performance is updated daily by summing the return of each asset, divided by the number of assets and over time and daily performances of the theme are summed arithmetically for the period
  • Portfolio performance is calculated ex-post, by time weighted return (TWR)
  • Volatility is a measure of dispersion of market prices over selected period – indicative of relative riskiness, based on 6 months of historical data
  • Maximum Drawdown (MDD) is an alternative measure of the largest cumulative loss observed for the period
  • Ranking assets by riskiness adds an informative dimension before any investment decision

On the two theme-based interfaces (Overview and Analytics) - rank theme constituents (equities and funds) by clicking the relevant header

On Asset Infos > Details: measure the asset ranking (performance, volatility risk and P/E) by quintile against the total market

Create a portfolio by importing a preferred theme or an asset selection from the Pininvest platform

Alternatively, import your own selection by CSV – the Pininvest database offers broad coverage on NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, NYSEAmerican, NYSEARCA and includes some OTC listings

Simulate the impact of new assets invested on your personal portfolio – risk impact is based on data history

Check the portfolio report for performance and risk impact by sector and by asset

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Stocks and Funds Quotes

Stocks and Funds are listed on NYSE, NYSEArca, NYSEAmerican, NASDAQ or BATS

Quotes are end-of-day prices, which refer to the closing price of the last trading day

Quotes are not real time prices, because Pininvest is meant for analysis, and not as a trading engine

Prices are provided by Sharadar, a professional source on

Prices are provided by Exchange Data International, a professional source on

Pininvest posts USD quotes of international, non-US, companies as listed on OTC markets

OTC prices reflect prices on the stock’s home market, converted in USD

For stocks with limited OTC transaction history, performance history may not be representative

Check your broker for latest actual OTC price or control on the stock’s home market

Looking ahead

Published weekly, the notes complement themes

Notes are factual and based on in-house and third-party (always referenced) research

They aim at medium to long-term trends such as China trade and geopolitics, Italy’s travails, the economic consequences of UK’s departure from the European Union, etc.

Key companies add color to macro comments, such as Novo Nordisk (in healthcare), Tencent (in e-commerce) or Newell (in consumer non-durables)

Only American companies listed on NYSE and NASDAQ are covered by Pinindices

The total market index includes the top 1200 American companies by market cap and is reviewed every quarter

The total market index is segmented by size in 3, 4 and 5 sub-indices and by sector

The 1200 Total Market index and the sector indices mirror market movements, according to the relative market weight of each company

Index constituents are weighed by market capitalization and weights are updated every night after the markets close

Asset prices are the unadjusted end-of-day quoted prices and performance is based on total return, including dividends on ex-dividend date

Daily performance of each index constituent is weighted accordingly

Sub-indices, segmenting the total market, do assist forecasting to some extent

Small cap indices tend to front run the global market

Rotation between sectors is a fluid process but an important one, with a sectors overview for direct comparison