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Hackers never sleep

Pininvest Analysis on Technology

'Cybersecurity' cannot be confused any longer with 'protection' of a business against digital assaults, with a whole array of defensive measures... This never was a correct understanding of cybersecurity, or at best a very partial one

Pressing Priorities

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Smartphone sales are Apple's core business and in a maturing market, the company's potential would be irreversably wounded by share loss on its key developed markets, critically in competitive Europe

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Gambling chips in trade wars

Pininvest Analysis on China

China is betting the house on semiconductor design and advanced technologies but for the US the complexity of the strategic choices impacting the industry, as they relate to technological advance and to national security, is hard to understate

The American Interest

Pininvest Analysis on China

In the era of globalization, the outlook of US business does not mesh with the politics of national interest. Addicted to international trade, American companies are the willing partners of China's advance... but for how long ?

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Mobile games under pressure

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Since July 2018, the markets have not been kind for most videogame companies. Both Chinese firms extending their sucessful business model across Asia and Western competitors have their work cut out

Streaming games

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Investors' first take on the current fall-back of the major game publishers is dire : the good times are over and winter is coming, but the industry might prepare in stealth mode to adjust to technological revolutions in the offing

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Bang for Bangui

Pininvest Analysis on France

Troubled Central African Republic, a former French colony, proffers another complex arbitrage medium-sized ex-colonial powers – such as France or the United Kingdom – have to resolve to confront larger resurgent world powers

Gold Mountain

Pininvest Analysis on France

The hardships of French Guiana and its scant hopes for a better future, while sitting on a 'mountain of gold', might slowly dissolve the bonds with France, with some challenging world powers ready to take advantage

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New leadership for Europe

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

Received with telling indifference across Europe, the leadership selection for Europe's institutions shines unforgiving light on the transience of political majorities, giving the lie to charges of technocratic dominance against the national will

The Italian Job

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

“What is important is that the budget contains the goals that we have established” said Italy's Vice-Premier di Maio (Nov.26, 2018) - So ... Nothing to worry about, right ?

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A cannabis high... really ?

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

High expectations for exponentially growing cannabis demand rely presumably on the extrapolation of sales in liberal US States ... but are blurred lines between medical uses and recreation a recipe for enduring mainstream success ?

Cannabis - a gold rush ?

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

Regulated as a medical substance and symbol of a free, unencumbered life style, cannabis is seeking the sound footing of a mature industry, halfway between healthcare and recreation - hardly fothcoming...

Catalysts for European Airlines

To avoid an also-ran status, as Asian markets and new world beating contenders tussle for a fast growing client base, European airlines have to devise innovative strategies to overcome their natural tendency to protect legacy interests

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