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In the crucible of soybean trades

Pininvest Analysis on Quality

Years in the making, Brazil's dominant position in the soybean trade has been achieved by a powerful agroindustry, driven by unsatiable demand from China but the environmental cost may be unbearable in the medium term

Apple - Legal Challenges IV

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Bereft of demonstrable abuse of monopolistic power, Epic Games' complaint against Apple may aim at leveling the playing field with the smallest app developers or merely give the largest developers a free hand on the Apple Store

Apple - Legal Challenges III

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

When taking issue with the Apple 'ecosystem', lawsuits have to walk a fine line on account of Court rulings on monopolistic practices, fudging the responsability any ecosystem may have in the general interest of the public

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UK - A government on tenterhooks

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

National symbols of sovereignty and independence, paraded imprudently in the limelight of divisive causes, come back to bind their proponents hand and foot but, in the end, three discrepant rule makers will be calling the shots

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IAG is rolling the dice

In the midst of the deepening airline crisis, IAG - the International Airlines Group - stands out. With its competitive streak and unstinting shareholder support, the Group might emerge as a dominant player in the European airline industry

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Robinhood Series - Tesla

Pininvest Analysis

The series draws attention to industry trends highlighting stock potential – and the headwinds battering investor optimism. The seemingly unstoppable share price run of Tesla Motors calls for a closer look

Car chips are down

Pininvest Analysis

With multifarious disruptions portending instability the car industry could run aground on treacherous shoals in the coming decade. Risky bets on an uncertain future, strategic choices need to be visionary while grounded in industrial strengths

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Cross-Border Raison d'Etre

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

With purposeful regulations, the environmental push of the European Union could turn out to be a shared concern beyond the continent's borders and weigh on the two other 'rule-makers' worldwide - China and America

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Robinhood Series – ETNs

Pininvest Analysis on Commodities

How big, how bad Exchange Traded Notes( ETNs) could turn out to be for private investors oblivious of the underlying risk...but the trends in fund pricing of the Energy market remain powerful indicators no one should ignore

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A cannabis high... really ?

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

High expectations for exponentially growing cannabis demand rely presumably on the extrapolation of sales in liberal US States ... but are blurred lines between medical uses and recreation a recipe for enduring mainstream success ?

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