facts – however patchy – provide guidance in investment decisions, performance & risk exposure on pininvest.com will be a reality check

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FinTech in China

Pininvest Analysis on China

FinTech has opened a window of opportunities in a mostly dormant financial market and this report argues that the early stages of this financial revolution, fairly substantial in urban China, are only part of the story

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CFIUS - Mission Impossible ?

Pininvest Analysis on China

By tightening the controls over the acquisition of US technological companies, America will delay China's build-up in advanced technologies. But postponement is not a long-term strategy : foreign companies in China might be exposed to an uncertain future

Trade Wars - a reality check

Pininvest Analysis on China

Because domestic US production of many consumer products has been abandoned and many industrial supply chains dismantled, the conflicted trade negotiations between China and the US remain focused on very specific industry segments

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Is Ant Financial feeling antsy ?

Pininvest Analysis on Finance

Shaking up the fund management industry in China and on its way to reinvent the business model which made its success, the huge valuation, attributed to the company in June '18, is one more challenge to overcome

Overhauling US payment systems

Pininvest Analysis on Finance

What if payment systems in the US, where only 2% of credit and debit-card transactions rely on PIN numbers and where 19bn cheques continue to be written every year, were finally ready for an overhaul ? 

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One more thing... Tim Cook knows ?

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

The severe share price correction since October has been related to a set-back of sales on foreign markets, especially China, but structural issues - and how Apple’s management will address the challenge - have more relevance for the long term investor

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Market indices in times of doubt

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

More relevant then ever, market indices, sub-indices and sector indices are the analytical tools of choice to gain an understanding of powerful underlying trends. pininvest is a calculator of daily updated index performance and volatility

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