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Amazon's Indian Winter

Pininvest Analysis on Fintech

Amazon's costly consumer-driven venture is floundering on the rocks of the country's exceptionalism, its democratic aspirations swayed by the pressure of its immense population and the weight of its troubled history

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Ant Group's Digital Treasure

Pininvest Analysis on Finance

The 33% Alibaba subsidiary demonstrated China's digital mastery in financial applications based on world-beating data analytics. The cancellation of its much awaited IPO was a thunderbolt and the official rationale of this decision needs to be evaluated

Ant Group - a risk too far

Pininvest Analysis on Finance

The third-party payments processor has been in the sights of China's Central Bank regulators since 2017 because the digitalization of all cash streams, payments as well as financial, was foreshadowing the fragmentation of the banking system

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Tesla 2020 and beyond

Pininvest Analysis on EVs

After banner year '20, the hard part...Beating back the onslaught of attractive mid-tier car models and maintaining a 'cachet' setting the brand apart in the luxury segment, Tesla has its work cut out as more production capacity is rolling off the line

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Space Ventures

Pininvest Analysis on Technology

Forever human dreams, space conquests are closer at hand than ever before, with more diverse satellite configurations, a range of rocket launchers to chose from and huge data demand requiring the build-out of communication infrastructure

Nord Stream 2 - Cause célèbre ?

Pininvest Analysis on Germany

The case against the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline which connects Russia to Germany on the bottom of the Baltic Sea has been riding high in the wake of the moral indignation aroused by Russian opponent Alexei Navalny's fate

Gas pipelines - ties that bind...

Pininvest Analysis on Energy

U.S. interference with European energy policy throws unsparing light on a collective security frameworik inherited from the Cold War and superseded by America's demand of its Western partners to share the defense burden

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Robotics in transition

Pininvest Analysis on Robotics

Robots are driving the automation revolution sweeping through industries across the world but concentration on a few key sectors foretells maturing demand....Focus on the growing interest in professional service robots condones new investment strategies

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India e-commerce - Game Set Match ?

Pininvest Analysis on India

Connected by digital networks within two years, 800 million Indian consumers are the ultimate prize in e-commerce to establish global reach. Prepared for a fight, no holds barred, America's largest firms are committed to strategies for the long haul...

India Stack and the Fire Monkey

Pininvest Analysis on India

By bringing into perspective the goals India expects to achieve in a digitalized world, the ambition of an integrated approach, stacking personal data securely and cogently,  shines through with great clarity

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OECD GDP '20 - Trouble in store

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

In the light of new waves of the pandemic spreading on the European Continent, the 'controlled optimism' of the most recent Nov. OECD 'base-line' projections is wearing thin, delaying the projected recovery into the second quarter of 2021

Headwinds battering Europe

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

The comparison of stimulus policies, decided to counter the economic consequences of the pandemic across Europe, reveals the strengths and the frailties in countries starting out with vastly different fundamentals

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Fou Ts'ong - an obituary

Pininvest Analysis on China

Fou Ts'ong witnessed some of China's darkest pages . Standing his ground and honouring the values of his parents with discretion and fortitude, Mr. Fou's life must be remembered

Rebounding? - U.S. and China Retail

Pininvest Analysis on China

Expected to gain the upper hand in short order, China's domestic consumer market is not (yet) living up to its promises while America sticks to the self-assigned mission of gobbling up more foreign goods than ever...aggravating tensions

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