Dedicated to US markets for equities and funds (ETFs),
pininvest is a free gateway to a wide range of themes and funds

About pininfos

The pininfos blog is the constantly updated companion blog of, commenting on the latest news that caught our attention in relation to one of our themes

Wide ranging, pininfos seeks to combine geopolitical dimensions (and an occasional political analysis) with syntheses of key sector reports and comments on individual companies of special relevance to their industry

Pininfos pays special attention to foreign companies quoted on the OTC market in the belief these often poorly covered securities might assist US investors in their diversification strategies

Highlights of pininvest

  • 21st Century trends in equities, with an expanding selection of up- and coming- companies
  • Trends, sectors and International listings in equities
  • Funds classified by region, by sector and by factor (incl. smart β)

Easy to browse, the selections allow direct comparisons and rankings by fundamental ratios, in Overview (open access) and Analytics (free 1mn registration)

  • Equities ratios include performance / volatility / fundamental accounting (ROIC, net margin and more)
  • ETF ratios also include performance & volatility / AUM and rankings by net expense, return & volatility quintile and more

Providing insights on market trends by sector or by industry, pininvest tries to broaden the scope of investment opportunities and related market information

Covering the entire US market, pininvest does not give investment advice on specific securities or industries