Improved lithium-ion battery technology

Improved lithium-ion battery technology

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To charge the battery, the anode loads up lithium ions. Ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode to generate power
With a higher ‘upload’, the battery will generate more power – this can be achieved by replacing the graphite anode, currently in standard use, by a silicon – graphite mix anode, potentially increasing capacity between 10 % and 30 %

According to a number of start-ups, quoted by WSJ (paywall), this process is reaching an industrial stage; the composite material has been produced by Sila Nanotechnologies, Angstron Materials, Enovix and Enevate among others
Battery manufacturers and car manufacturers will be testing the technical and production requirements to incorporate the material in next generation batteries and find the right balance between charge capacity, stability and durability

On the fore front of this research, it is worth noting Contemporary Amperex of China (CATL), which prepares new production facilities to become the largest battery producer worldwide, is an investor in Sila.

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Car manufacturers (such as BMW according to, directly or in partnership with car parts providers, and the semiconductor industry (Intel & Qualcomm, investors in Enovix) are also involved