In furore iustissimae irae

In furore iustissimae irae

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In furore iustissimae irae, RV 62 (Antonio Vivaldi 1678 – 1741)

In fury … a rush of rightful anger…


Why all the lies…?

Lies, cascading down from up high in the dulcet tones of politicians, and rising from dark corners of social media

Lies, lapping at our feet, crawling to life with musty smell and blotchy rashes, 

Lies a ‘new normal’, dulling our perception – counterfeit currencies we hurry to pass on

Why all the lies …?

Lies are everywhere

Repeated over and over, lies become part of our lives

  • untruths we sometimes choose to weave into the texture of our hopes and our illusions, because we so very much would like them to be true
  • untruths we conveniently tolerate because hard facts would shatter our comfort zone
  • untruths we know to be wrongheaded but we let go as minor missteps


A life of their own...

Lies are so close to propaganda as to become hard to distinguish

  • propaganda is twisted reality of sorts, some truth left out, some partial truth overblown, all in the name of the winning argument
  • falsehoods end up natural partners in the propaganda machine – filling in the blanks, buttressing distorted facts and making sense of the world around us


Propaganda calls for counter-propaganda

  • propaganda is like the metastasis of a cancerous tumor, impossible to ignore, impervious to reasonable discourse – an aggression calling for resistance
  • in white-heated debate, resistance is not a call to reason, but entry in the magnetic field of selective twist and counter-twist of facts

Bound to be divisive, resistance lends legitimacy to propaganda, because it is the same

Liberal democracy, in a pratical sense, is culmination of society’s effort at stabilization, following a major disruption

  • stability in a democracy is a balance between society’s stakeholders, shrouded in uncertain commitments and exposed to shifting alliances
  • when the balance comes under attack, which, through history, is nothing new, naked ambitions have their heyday

From Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, whose land redistribution reforms in Ancient Rome got them assassinated in the late 2nd century BC to the German Republic unable to counter the uniquely effective Nazi propaganda in the 1930’s, insurgencies running amok have been deadly


Echo chambers

We hardly need to remind the reader of the wild echo chamber of American elections of late (with more to come), with media keen to amplify absurdity and social networks eager to spread falsehoods into every corner of the land

The highest reaches of power set the agenda

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton lost a fair amount of credibility by blithely suggesting ‘eagerness’ of the American Administration for a trade deal with an 'independent' United Kingdom, hardly concealing his glee at chipping away at the European Union

  • There is no eagerness and a yearly release of the National Trade Estimate Report by the US Trade Representative (USTR) of all the trade restrictions imposed by the EU (and by the UK) the American Administration intends to set right (pages 167-214)
  • A summary of specific negotiating objectives with the European Union, set by the USTR in January 2019, is a refresher course (if need be) – facts are stubborn and year-long negotiations, extracting many concessions from the UK, unavoidable
  • Disconnected from the facts, ignored in its glorious absurdity by the ‘informed’ public, the lie, repeated over and over again by respected politicians and clad in 'special relationship' memories, will be having a field day entertaining the illusion of the many who are not

The debate around the UK’s departure from the European Union is rife with overblown promises, flower beds of a carefully tended Wonderland, bound to despair complacent supporters in the end

  • Divisiveness mutating into a deep rift are willfully exploited
  • Pushing their advantage beyond breaking point, claims of treason and betrayal of ‘the will of the people’ are swirling


A window of opportunity

Staging unwittingly the confrontation between propaganda machines, our representative institutions remain the flagbearers of democratic balance and tolerance  

Deeply ingrained in the liberal order today is the belief that a fair hearing for all will sidestep the worst evils


A fleeting chance to tear propaganda from its self-aggrandizing pedestal...maybe

Gôtterdâmmerung - Finale - dir. J. Keilberth - Bayreuther Festspiele (1955)