5G Network Semiconductor Solutions

5G Network Semiconductor Solutions

by Pininvest Analysis

The Great Conjunction

Pininvest Analysis on Tycho Brahe

Jupiter and Saturn are aligning in a rare conjunction ... and it is great when the alignment is near perfect; as will be (or was) the case on Dec. 21, 2020. A chance to bring back one of the lesser known founding fathers of astronomy, Tycho Brahe

Space cybersecurity

Pininvest Analysis on Technology

Satellites rely more and more on off-the-shelf technology, involving multiple manufacturers and, given the complexity of supply chains and the multiple parties involved in their management, it’s often unclear who bears responsability for cyber breaches

Sweet spot for satellites ?

Sharply reduced launch costs and radical advance in satellite technology open the door for a new era in global communications. Constellations of satellites still need to prove their case but the future is beckoning

Pininvest Analysis

Pininvest Analysis

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