Car Manufacturers & Sub-Contractors

Car Manufacturers & Sub-Contractors

by Pininvest Analysis

Fiat's Game of Poker

Potentially upending the automotive industry under the guise of political urgency, regulatory pressure favoring solutions of ‘clean transportation’ is adding a new dimension to Fiat’s carefully crafted strategy

Rolling thunder

The March '19 targets for passenger car emissions, set by the European Union, are the third regulatory iteration since 2009. Adopted despite strong words of the car manufacturers, the new framework has far-reaching consequences for the supply chain

Peugeot puzzles

French Peugeot (Groupe PSA) is an interesting investment story, restructuring successfully its audacious Opel acquisition but still lacking the international footprint of a diversified car manufacturer

What is Volkswagen up to ?

Betting the house on e-mobility, Volkswagen prepares to confront market reality and strict environmental regulations. Prioritizing China, world's growth market, the strategy shows the way for the truly global car manufacturers left standing

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