US S&P 500 ETFs

US S&P 500 ETFs

by Pininvest Analysis

Spoiling the spoils system

Chipping away at the civil service, the spoils system of American politics is edging ever closer to witch-hunts, conveniently freeing positions for friendly appointees. Maybe no better time for a bipartisan effort to stop the rot ?

In furore iustissimae irae

Pininvest Analysis on Large Cap

Lies, cascading down from up high in the dulcet tones of politicians, lies are so close to propaganda as to become hard to distinguish. And in the end, resistance, bound to be divisive, lends legitimacy to propaganda, because it is the same

Market indices in times of doubt

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

More relevant then ever, market indices, sub-indices and sector indices are the analytical tools of choice to gain an understanding of powerful underlying trends. pininvest is a calculator of daily updated index performance and volatility

Pininvest Analysis

Pininvest Analysis

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