Alternative Energy Resources ETFs

Alternative Energy Resources ETFs
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The funds have, as a group, performed significantly better than ‘old’ energy investments - our overview of Energy ETFs listed on US exchanges is testimony of the correlation of the later with oil prices on the international market

Alternative Energy funds, initiated in response to investor demand, have chosen to define their mandate fairly broadly by including many indirectly related sub-industries in the portfolios

Apart from a favorable regulatory environment, which is driving the expansion of solar and wind energy sources worldwide, the funds benefit from this diversification, accounting for large allocations to Information Technology (silicon, wafers, solar cells…) along with Industrial Goods (batteries, …) and Base Materials (lithium, cobalt..)

This construct is not the least of the attractive features of ‘Alternatives’

Our ETF US Sectors themes present cross-sectional views of trends in each economic activity We hope to achieve a fair coverage of ETFs in each category, which is a work in progress

Check our Renewable Technologies theme of US listed companies

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Alternative Energy Resources ETFs • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Sector Industry Currency Cur.Price Mkt.Cap Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF FAN NYSEARCA Energy Renewables Service Provider USD 21.20 104 M 66.6% Weak Down 23%   7% -22%
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund GRID NASDAQ Utilities Infrastructure Finance & Mngt USD 87.46 35 M 76.0% Neutral 23%   7% -7%
First Trust NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index Fund QCLN NASDAQ Energy Renewables Service Provider USD 57.26 210 M 121.7% Weak Down 44%   15% -38%
Global X Renewable Energy Producers ETF RNRG NASDAQ Energy Renewables Service Provider USD 15.38 45 M 18.6% Neutral 21%   6% -26%
Invesco Global Clean Energy ETF PBD NYSEARCA Energy Energy USD 27.96 63 M 104.3% Weak Down 33%   11% -35%
Invesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF ERTH NYSEARCA Energy Energy USD 70.93 244 M 59.7% Weak Down 25%   8% -17%
Invesco Solar ETF TAN NYSEARCA Energy Renewables Service Provider USD 72.36 601 M 116.0% Weak Down 51%   16% -43%
Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF PBW NYSEARCA Energy Energy USD 77.55 317 M 134.2% Sharp Down 49%   16% -47%
iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index Fund ICLN NASDAQ Energy Renewables Service Provider USD 21.80 634 M 92.9% Weak Down 38%   12% -38%
VanEck Vectors® Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF NLR NYSEARCA Energy Energy USD 54.80 19 M 32.2% Weak Up 16%   3% -11%