Semiconductor Signals

Semiconductor Signals

Semiconductors are all about the use of electric current to control, communicate, and process information, varying smoothly to transmit information in analog signals, or pulsing current with digital signals

Digital Signal Processors (DSP) are semiconductor chips designed for specific communications functions

They are becoming everyday workhorses and new applications have found their way in telecommunications, digital image processing, radar, sonar and speech recognition systems, and in common consumer electronic devices

Targeting market share across many industry segments, the largest chip specialists are connecting the signal processors with controlers (DSC where the C stands for controler) - all on a microchip unit (MCU) dedicated to a specific application


The two themes of 'semiconductor signals' - one of large cap companies found here and another focused on "Semiconductor Signals  (Small cap)" -  highlight firms believed to be essential to the wave of automation sweeping across every industry and every service provider

The selections are not exclusive of many other specialized firms likely to benefit from demand for robots and automation in broad segments such as general industrial processes, or 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and in a wide range of niche sectors such as medical robotics, logistics  or automated driving, amongst many others

'Semiconductor signals' will  be updated periodically to reflect the importance of major semiconductor suppliers

Analysis of trends in robotics may be further refined by tracking the related theme of key automation suppliers in 'Controllers and Sensors'

Semiconductor Signals is illustrative of the focus of Pininvest on strong long-term technological and collective trends, ensuring better protection to the investor in case of market pull-back

Semiconductor Signals • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Sector Industry Currency Cur.Price Mkt.Cap Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
Analog Devices ADI NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 149.61 55 B 48.8% Neutral 32%   10% -12%
Infineon Technologies IFNNY OTC Technology Semiconductors - Specialized USD 38.60 - 110.4% Weak Down 41%   12% -17%
Maxim Integrated Products MXIM NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 92.85 25 B 80.2% Neutral 32%   10% -13%
Microchip Technology MCHP NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 145.47 38 B 75.9% Weak Down 43%   13% -16%
NXP Semiconductors NXPI NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 192.27 53 B 114.4% Neutral 43%   13% -15%
Renesas Electronics RNECY OTC Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 5.44 - 115.9% Neutral 44%   5% -20%
Skyworks Solutions SWKS NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Signal Processing USD 165.45 27 B 57.6% Weak Down 43%   13% -19%
STMicroelectronics STM NYSE Technology Semiconductors - Specialized USD 35.66 32 B 51.6% Weak Down 44%   14% -22%
Texas Instruments TXN NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors - Broad Line USD 183.27 169 B 72.0% Neutral 30%   9% -10%