Agriculture Broad Market

Agriculture Broad Market
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Each of the constituents of the Broad Agriculture theme must be evaluated on its own merits because of  wide differences any potential investor should take into account

  • a Buy & Hold investment strategy might be relevant in agribusiness ETFs (such as VanEck Vectors MOO/NYSEARCA but not for ETNs in crop Futures focused on the short term
  • considering liquidity, assets under management (AUM) differ vastly between the two volume leaders  - MOO/NYSEARCA and DBA/NYSEARCA - and alterative funds 10 to 15 times smaller
  • agribusiness ETFs invest in companies providing farm equipment, seeds, fertilizers and processing industries - all likely to be significantly less volatile than the crops themselves on world markets 

Offering clearly differentiated views on market trends in agribusiness and on the commodities markets , the funds should not be evaluated on past performance

Our ETF US Sectors themes present cross-sectional views of trends in each economic activity We hope to achieve a fair coverage of ETFs in each category, which is a work in progress

We do not receive any commission or other form of compensation from the providers included in our 'Funds' presentation

Agriculture Broad Market • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Category SubCategory Currency Cur.Price AUM Perf. Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
First Trust Alternative Absolute Return Strategy ETF FAAR NASDAQ Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 26.25 45 M -1.7% 6%   0% -5%
Elements Rogers International Commodity Index-Agriculture TR ETN RJA NYSEARCA Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 5.33 110 M -7.0% 10%   8% -14%
ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Agriculture Total Return ETN UAG NYSEARCA Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 15.31 2.0 M -6.6% 12%   8% -15%
ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Food Total Return ETN FUD NYSEARCA Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 15.80 3.1 M -4.5% 12%   9% -14%
Global X Fertilizers/Potash ETF SOIL NYSEARCA Basic Materials Basic Materials USD 8.36 10 M -11.4% 16%   12% -16%
iPath Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex Total Return ETN JJA NYSEARCA Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 42.72 6.3 M -6.4% 13%   10% -14%
IQ Global Agribusiness Small Cap ETF CROP NYSEARCA Agriculture Agriculture USD 32.88 8.3 M 7.4% 14%   14% -10%
iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers ETF VEGI NYSEARCA by Sector Agriculture USD 27.66 27 M 1.5% 16%   15% -14%
Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF MOO NYSEARCA by Sector Agriculture USD 66.10 737 M 9.6% 15%   16% -15%
PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund DBA NYSEARCA Agriculture (Commos) Agriculture (broad market) USD 15.98 362 M -6.3% 11%   8% -15%