AuM over $500 million

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AuM over $500 million

Offering value-added exposures to emerging industries, asset classes and markets as well as differentiated approaches to traditional strategies

At VanEck, we think beyond the financial markets to identify the trends—including economic, technological, political and social—that we believe will fuel investable opportunities

Today, our firm’s capabilities range from core investment opportunities to more specialized exposures to enhance portfolio diversification.


VanEck Vectors Morningstar Global Wide Moat ETF is the benchmark of the list of VanEck ETFs with the largest Assets under Management (AuM), highlighting very short term momentum shifts, as well as performance and volatility


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AuM over $500 million • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Category SubCategory Currency Cur.Price AUM Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF MOAT BATS US Market Broad Market Multi-Factors USD 73.26 3.0 B 39.0% Strong Up 18%   5% -10%
VanEck Vectors® Agribusiness ETF MOO NYSEARCA Agriculture Agribusiness USD 93.36 600 M 55.6% Weak Up 18%   5% -8%
VanEck Vectors® Biotech ETF BBH NASDAQ Health Care Biotech USD 182.48 334 M 14.5% Neutral 24%   5% -14%
VanEck Vectors® Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF HYEM NYSEARCA Emerging Markets High Yield USD 23.73 385 M 12.2% Neutral 6%   1% -3%
VanEck Vectors® Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF ANGL NYSEARCA Corporate High Yield Broad Maturities USD 32.17 2.0 B 16.9% Neutral 8%   2% -4%
VanEck Vectors® Gold Miners ETF GDX NYSEARCA Commodities (Gold) Gold Mining USD 39.49 12 B 16.4% Strong Up 37%   9% -30%
VanEck Vectors® High Yield Muni ETF HYD BATS Municipals High Yield USD 62.96 4.1 B 9.6% Neutral 4%   0% -2%
VanEck Vectors® Intermediate Muni ETF ITM BATS Municipals Intermediate USD 51.69 1.8 B 2.3% Neutral 2%   0% -3%
VanEck Vectors® Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF FLTR NYSEARCA Corporate Investment Grade Floating USD 25.39 524 M 3.1% Neutral 1%   0% -0%
VanEck Vectors® J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond ETF EMLC NYSEARCA Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt USD 31.88 4.1 B 4.8% Neutral 9%   2% -8%
VanEck Vectors® Junior Gold Miners ETF GDXJ NYSEARCA Commodities (Gold) Gold Mining USD 54.89 4.5 B 21.2% Weak Up 44%   12% -31%
VanEck Vectors® Oil Services ETF OIH NYSEARCA Energy ETFs Energy Services USD 223.19 491 M 79.1% Weak Up 58%   13% -48%
VanEck Vectors® Preferred Securities ex Financials ETF PFXF NYSEARCA US Market Dividend Yield USD 21.06 767 M 16.5% Neutral 8%   2% -5%
VanEck Vectors® Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF REMX NYSEARCA Basic Materials Rare Metals USD 85.64 149 M 146.2% Neutral 41%   11% -27%
VanEck Vectors® Russia ETF RSX BATS Europe Russia USD 28.45 960 M 32.1% Weak Up 24%   7% -17%
VanEck Vectors® Semiconductor ETF SMH NASDAQ Technology Semiconductors USD 248.82 1.9 B 74.3% Neutral 32%   9% -15%
VanEck Vectors® Video Gaming and eSports ETF ESPO NASDAQ Technology Software USD 71.09 - 46.4% Neutral 26%   7% -21%
VanEck Vectors® Vietnam ETF VNM BATS Southern & South-East Asia Vietnam USD 19.70 380 M 39.8% Neutral 21%   5% -10%
VanEck® Merk® Gold Trust OUNZ NYSEARCA Commodities (Gold) Gold (Physical) USD 18.49 143 M 9.5% Weak Up 16%   3% -19%