South Korean Companies all US listings

South Korean Companies all US listings
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We introduce our presentation of foreign companies for the consideration of US investors; however, South Korean companies listed on US exchanges, NYSE, NASDAQ or OTC,  are not fully representative of the economy with some very unique absentees such as Samsung Electronics SSNLF/OTC which is hardly traded on the American exchange or SK  Hynix (000660 - on Korea Stock Exchange only)

Performance and risk ratios are updated every day but we emphasize that, with low trading volume on US OTC markets for some of the listed shares, volatility and drawdown calculations may be affected - these ratios do not necessarily reflect true volatility and drawdown as these same shares are normally traded on their national exchange

When, for lack of sufficient trading data, volatility and performance ratios are extreme, we have chosen not to include the companies concerned

While international diversification is clearly to the benefit of any investor, it is our belief that many foreign companies may be ignored for lack of proper information on their potential and insufficient follow-up information for long term investors

Our platform of asset information will include avalable company documents - building a reliable database incrementally and over time

DATAvariance will make every effort to keep the listing up to date

South Korean Companies all US listings • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Sector Industry Currency Cur.Price Mkt.Cap Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
Gravity (ADR) GRVY NASDAQ Technology Videogame Software USD 116.98 813 M 325.4% Sharp Down 80%   9% -47%
Hyundai Motor HYMTF OTC Consumer Durables Auto Manufacturing USD 47.48 - 80.9% Weak Down 128%   16% -31%
KB Financial Group KB NYSE Finance Commercial Banks (National & Regional) USD 38.32 15 B 18.7% Neutral 49%   11% -36%
Korea Electric Power KEP NYSE Utilities Electric Utilities & Grid USD 10.05 13 B 14.3% Weak Down 48%   8% -31%
Korea Telecom KT NYSE Utilities Integrated Telecommunication Carriers USD 11.29 5.5 B 17.0% Weak Up 36%   7% -34%
LG Display LPL NYSE Technology Crystal Display Panels USD 9.99 3.6 B 72.2% Neutral 55%   11% -38%
POSCO PKX NYSE Industrial Goods Metal Fabrications - General USD 61.10 20 B 51.7% Neutral 49%   10% -35%
Shinhan Financial Group SHG NYSE Finance Commercial Banks (National & Regional) USD 28.97 14 B 8.3% Neutral 49%   11% -38%
SK Telecom SKM NYSE Utilities Wireless Communication Services USD 24.08 16 B 25.4% Neutral 36%   7% -31%
Woori Finance Holdings WF NYSE Finance Commercial Banks (National & Regional) USD 25.18 5.7 B 3.9% Neutral 50%   10% -37%