Modern Alpha® screening on ESG standards

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Modern Alpha® screening on ESG standards

Modern Alpha®  WisdomTree ESG funds  seek to apply a factor-based selection process to screen companies which register favorably on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards

The funds seek to combine the societal benefits of ESG with the potential outperformance benefits of an actively managed / factor-based approach

  • U.S. companies
  • International (ex-U.S. and Canada)
  • Emerging Markets 

Next to broadbased equity strategies that combine the potential performance benefits with ESG values, the selection includes funds invested in non-state owned enterprises (XSOE), providing access to performing markets (emerging, China and India) without the government ownership that can affect governance and performance


WisdomTree International Equity Fund, the benchmark of this selection, is chosen for contrast, highlighting very short term momentum shifts, as well as performance and volatility, of the selected WisdomTree ETFs, screening companies by combining ESG standards with potential growth and performance factors


The choice of time frames - from one week to a year - will highlight trends in performance and risk (volatility)

Volatility is always annualized for comparison purposes

As is the case for all the themes listed on the platform, further information can be accessed by hovering the mouse over a ticker or by clicking fund name / ticker - Expand any chart by double-click

The theme is not publicly available and presented for demo purposes only - this is also the case for the entire range of WisdomTree themes presented on the platform

Fund information is provided by ETF Global (updates pending) and end-of-day pricing by Sharadar

Modern Alpha® screening on ESG standards • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Category SubCategory Currency Cur.Price AUM Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund CXSE NASDAQ - - - 202 M 55.2% Neutral 27%   22% -25%
WisdomTree Emerging Markets ESG Fund RESE BATS - - - 0 50.8% Neutral 19%   17% -8%
WisdomTree Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund XSOE NYSEARCA - - - 891 M 52.0% Neutral 21%   19% -13%
WisdomTree India ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund IXSE NYSEARCA - - - 1.2 M 66.2% Weak Up 22%   16% -9%
WisdomTree International ESG Fund RESD BATS - - - 0 35.5% Neutral 16%   12% -7%
WisdomTree U.S. ESG Fund RESP BATS - - - 0 44.7% Neutral 17%   13% -10%