South East Asia Emerging Countries Funds

South East Asia Emerging Countries Funds
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Besides Singapore, over many years a widely recognized economic success, the countries of South East Asia are valued for the potential they are expected to deploy in the future, more than for the already significant development they are currently achieving

With the exception of the Philippines and of Indonesia, stuck in domestic and international uncertainty, the other ‘tiger’ funds of South-East Asia achieve a comparable, and brilliant, performance, Vietnam’s volatility [asset ticker="VNM" mnemonic="NYSEARCA"] a clear outlier

Although undoubtedly experiencing sharp bouts of volatility on the way, we believe the funds will track the strong growth of South-Asia for years to come

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South East Asia Emerging Countries Funds • Updated:

Name Ticker Exchange Category SubCategory Currency Cur.Price AUM Perf. Momentum Vol. Risk Contrib. MDD
iShares MSCI Indonesia ETF EIDO NYSEARCA Southern & South-East Asia Indonesia USD 21.21 350 M 14.8% Neutral 26%   21% -16%
iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund EWM NYSEARCA Southern & South-East Asia Malaysia USD 26.31 348 M 3.3% Neutral 16%   10% -11%
iShares MSCI Philippines ETF EPHE NYSEARCA Asia-Pacific Philippines USD 31.22 188 M 13.8% Weak Up 21%   13% -15%
iShares MSCI Singapore ETF EWS NYSEARCA Southern & South-East Asia Singapore USD 23.27 497 M 23.2% Neutral 16%   11% -8%
iShares MSCI Thailand Capped THD NYSEARCA Southern & South-East Asia Thailand USD 80.99 357 M 12.9% Neutral 21%   14% -18%
VanEck Vectors® Indonesia Index ETF IDX NYSEARCA Southern & South-East Asia Indonesia USD 18.75 32 M 14.8% Neutral 24%   19% -16%
VanEck Vectors® Vietnam ETF VNM BATS Southern & South-East Asia Vietnam USD 20.06 380 M 45.9% Weak Up 20%   11% -10%