OECD GDP '20 - Trouble in store

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

In the light of new waves of the pandemic spreading on the European Continent, the 'controlled optimism' of the most recent Nov. OECD 'base-line' projections is wearing thin, delaying the projected recovery into the second quarter of 2021

Brexit - Unpicking a "Done Deal"

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

The UK will maintain access to the single market with some rule-setting flexibility but the essential ingredients of a successful treaty, trust, shared values and far sighted mutual engagement, do not look promising

Much ado about nothing ?

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

Romantic principles have a way of stirring emotion and of nursing frustration, and Mr. Johnson delivered a consummate appeal in the court of public opinion. From dream to reality, wake-up calls are hard to make

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Facts do not destroy beliefs

Facts do not destroy beliefs; facts may disclaim their assertions strenuously without weakening their thrust…(Marcel Proust). With 'beliefs' fronting for national policy in the Brexit debate, the EU will need to choose its options carefully

Beware of angry Scots

As probably thousands of products are aligned on EU requirements and their representative associations have been very active in shaping EU policy, the prospect of free trade agreements outside the European Union is dire

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