Jostling for the front row

Pininvest Analysis on China

China's massive economic expansion is testing global commerce to the limit, developed as well as emerging markets qualify the risk to their economies as 'systemic' and the Chinese society itself riks being torn apart

Cooling overblown expectations

Pininvest Analysis on China

Toning down the feverish wait for conclusive China-US negotiations, the general thrust of the commercial agreement taking form starts more and more to look like a truce in a drawn-out confrontation...

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Peugeot puzzles

French Peugeot (Groupe PSA) is an interesting investment story, restructuring successfully its audacious Opel acquisition but still lacking the international footprint of a diversified car manufacturer

What is Volkswagen up to ?

Betting the house on e-mobility, Volkswagen prepares to confront market reality and strict environmental regulations. Prioritizing China, world's growth market, the strategy shows the way for the truly global car manufacturers left standing

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China's Silicon Hearts

Pininvest Analysis on Technology

Whoever controls the production of advanced Integrated Circuits commands the terms of trade between nations...With US and Asian semi-conductor majors protective of their Chinese market shares, it is for the US government to confront new reality

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Stadia - what is in a name ?

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Stadia, plural of the Latin ‘stadium’, were arenas – where citizens of Ancient Rome shared entertainment and interacted in many ways …and the ambition of the Google platform of the same name is no different

Videogames in the cloud

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

With cloud-based game streaming, Google's Stadia upends the gaming industry, disrupting traditional business models, calling for fresh multiplayer game creativity and testing alternative revenue streams

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Tencent's Makeover

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

An improbable feat but the tight integration of its social network with mass entertainment has a reach which will keep the company in the sights of regulators and central authorities

Tencent of China

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

While relatively – and unduly – ignored by the general public in the West, there are many reasons to pay attention to Tencent's dominating presence and interlocking platforms on China's Internet

Battery illusions

Pininvest Analysis on R&D

The strategies of Western car manufacturers for electric mobility prioritize growth markets and partnerships with Asian battery providers, none of which bodes well for a balanced and mutually beneficial EU-China relationship

Shock and Awe... and Conquer ?

Pininvest Analysis on R&D

Asian battery providers have achieved global dominance and western car industries have little choice but to tie their technological ambitions to the master player and largest market, China - in the short and medium term

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The making of semi-conductors

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Semi-conductor equipment makers, a small number of highly specialized companies, have recently been exposed to the uncertainties of a technological shift but the impact of stringent (and unpredictable) constraints to trade may be worse

The future of energy storage

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Associate Professors J. Johnson and J. DeCarolis, North Carolina State University, envision the advent of grid-scale batteries, providing the utilities with flexible energy delivery, if the price per KwH of lithium batteries continues to plummet

Improved lithium-ion battery technology

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

To charge the battery, the anode loads up lithium ions. Ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode to generate power With a higher ‘upload’, replacing the graphite anode by a silicon – graphite mix anode, the battery will generate more power

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