The economics of coronavirus (II)

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Confronting very different challenges inherited from their political and institutional history, Europe as well as America will need to seek a path to rebuild the trust of their constituencies, a tall order amidst tone-deaf warring parties but a vital one

The economics of coronavirus (I)

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With spread rates of the virus off the charts, connectivity as defining trait of humanity has shown itself as a two-faced phenomenon governing modern life, which created economic opportunity for all but constrains domestic economic policies today

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Brexit Redux

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Truly unexpected, covid-19 lays bare how elusive trust between nations really is and how ambiguous our sense of common interest. Which puts Brexit in a bind… with the UK’s go-it alone policies targeting the global economy seeming quaint if not irrelevant

Avoid looking desperate

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Post-Brexit, trade negotiations will be engaged under pressure of the economic sectors most exposed to the loss of their European markets, joined by the vocal requests of 'Leavers' at risk of seeing their livelihood wiped out (fisheries, lamb producers..)

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In the crucible of soybean trades

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Years in the making, Brazil's dominant position in the soybean trade has been achieved by a powerful agroindustry, driven by unsatiable demand from China but the environmental cost may be unbearable in the medium term


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The remodeling of the Eurasian landmass by the dominant powers, Russia, China and Europe will flourish, or collapse, around Siberia's vast emptiness and natural riches, harrowing history and 21st century environmental challenges

LNG - a riling Russian riddle

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LNG - liquid natural gas - as alternative to traditional pipeline delivery will be serving growing South Asian markets where large and eager exporters line up. Russia's Gazprom is taking stock of the challenges on its once secure markets and worldwide...

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Car chips are down

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With multifarious disruptions portending instability the car industry could run aground on treacherous shoals in the coming decade. Risky bets on an uncertain future, strategic choices need to be visionary while grounded in industrial strengths

Nokia and Patent Technologies

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Cars are increasingly like “smartphones on wheels”, so manufacturers need to have access to the latest patented 4G and 5G technologies essential to navigation and communications

Space cybersecurity

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Satellites rely more and more on off-the-shelf technology, involving multiple manufacturers and, given the complexity of supply chains and the multiple parties involved in their management, it’s often unclear who bears responsability for cyber breaches

Sweet spot for satellites ?

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Sharply reduced launch costs and radical advance in satellite technology open the door for a new era in global communications. Constellations of satellites still need to prove their case but the future is beckoning

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Not so Pacific Islands

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The projection of Chinese power across the Pacific is a game-changer and a two-pronged strategy, asserting military power behind walls and letting trade flows trickle beyond, across the island archipelagos of the Pacific 

Heavy weather on Asian seas

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Optimism is pervading South-East Asian economics but the geopolical balance between competing powers, abutting the region on its periphery, remains vulnerable to gross miscalculation. Shared interests do not necessarily guarantee the outcome

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Withering digital wallets ?

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Mobile payments have become a defining feature of Chinese society and the two Internet majors, Aibaba and Tencent, dominate digital consumer transactions at the expense of traditional banking. The Chinese Central Bank is seeking a way out...

Navigating maturing markets

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Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, and Tencent, the videogame behemoth, are seeking ways to extend their strong presence in markets roiled by fickle consumer expectations and under competitive pressure. Profits will suffer...

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Central Asia crossroads

Eurasia is again a geopolitical reality with the Chinese communication infrastructure on a continental scale and the powerful draw of energy riches, but populous, fragile and deeply divided Central Asia is exposed to overreach by mighty land powers