Brexit - Unpicking a "Done Deal"

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

The UK will maintain access to the single market with some rule-setting flexibility but the essential ingredients of a successful treaty, trust, shared values and far sighted mutual engagement, do not look promising

Much ado about nothing ?

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

Romantic principles have a way of stirring emotion and of nursing frustration, and Mr. Johnson delivered a consummate appeal in the court of public opinion. From dream to reality, wake-up calls are hard to make

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Nord Stream 2 - the end game

Pininvest Analysis on Germany

The U.S. attempt to block the final leg of the construction of the new Gazprom pipeline looks dated, fitting oddly in the dynamics of the European energy policy under the Single Market regulations

Cross-Border Raison d'Etre

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

With purposeful regulations, the environmental push of the European Union could turn out to be a shared concern beyond the continent's borders and weigh on the two other 'rule-makers' worldwide - China and America

The economics of coronavirus (II)

Pininvest Analysis on Global Trade

Confronting very different challenges inherited from their political and institutional history, Europe as well as America will need to seek a path to rebuild the trust of their constituencies, a tall order amidst tone-deaf warring parties but a vital one

Beware of angry Scots

As probably thousands of products are aligned on EU requirements and their representative associations have been very active in shaping EU policy, the prospect of free trade agreements outside the European Union is dire