Space Ventures

Pininvest Analysis on Technology

Forever human dreams, space conquests are closer at hand than ever before, with more diverse satellite configurations, a range of rocket launchers to chose from and huge data demand requiring the build-out of communication infrastructure

Sweet spot for satellites ?

Sharply reduced launch costs and radical advance in satellite technology open the door for a new era in global communications. Constellations of satellites still need to prove their case but the future is beckoning

Stadia - what is in a name ?

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Stadia, plural of the Latin ‘stadium’, were arenas – where citizens of Ancient Rome shared entertainment and interacted in many ways …and the ambition of the Google platform of the same name is no different

Videogames in the cloud

Pininvest Analysis on Internet

With cloud-based game streaming, Google's Stadia upends the gaming industry, disrupting traditional business models, calling for fresh multiplayer game creativity and testing alternative revenue streams