The future of energy storage

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Associate Professors J. Johnson and J. DeCarolis, North Carolina State University, envision the advent of grid-scale batteries, providing the utilities with flexible energy delivery, if the price per KwH of lithium batteries continues to plummet

Improved lithium-ion battery technology

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To charge the battery, the anode loads up lithium ions. Ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode to generate power With a higher ‘upload’, replacing the graphite anode by a silicon – graphite mix anode, the battery will generate more power

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The Great Conjunction

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Jupiter and Saturn are aligning in a rare conjunction ... and it is great when the alignment is near perfect; as will be (or was) the case on Dec. 21, 2020. A chance to bring back one of the lesser known founding fathers of astronomy, Tycho Brahe

Space cybersecurity

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Satellites rely more and more on off-the-shelf technology, involving multiple manufacturers and, given the complexity of supply chains and the multiple parties involved in their management, it’s often unclear who bears responsability for cyber breaches

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Amazon's Indian Winter

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Amazon India's costly consumer-driven venture is floundering on the rocks of the country's exceptionalism, its democratic aspirations swayed by the pressure of its immense population and the weight of its troubled history

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Laws of Unintended Consequences

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Greens may be too closely indentified with scientific expertise on climate change to fully recognize the unintended consequences of principled policies, which call for compromise and understanding of the trade-offs required to stay on target

China's Silicon Hearts

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Whoever controls the production of advanced Integrated Circuits commands the terms of trade between nations...With US and Asian semi-conductor majors protective of their Chinese market shares, it is for the US government to confront new reality

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Robinhood Series - Tesla

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The series draws attention to industry trends highlighting stock potential – and the headwinds battering investor optimism. The seemingly unstoppable share price run of Tesla Motors calls for a closer look

Car chips are down

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With multifarious disruptions portending instability the car industry could run aground on treacherous shoals in the coming decade. Risky bets on an uncertain future, strategic choices need to be visionary while grounded in industrial strengths

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Apple - Legal Challenges IV

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Bereft of demonstrable abuse of monopolistic power, Epic Games' complaint against Apple may aim at leveling the playing field with the smallest app developers or merely give the largest developers a free hand on the Apple Store

Apple - Legal Challenges III

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When taking issue with the Apple 'ecosystem', lawsuits have to walk a fine line on account of Court rulings on monopolistic practices, fudging the responsability any ecosystem may have in the general interest of the public

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Space Ventures

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Forever human dreams, space conquests are closer at hand than ever before, with more diverse satellite configurations, a range of rocket launchers to chose from and huge data demand requiring the build-out of communication infrastructure

Withering digital wallets ?

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Mobile payments have become a defining feature of Chinese society and the two Internet majors, Aibaba and Tencent, dominate digital consumer transactions at the expense of traditional banking. The Chinese Central Bank is seeking a way out...

Navigating maturing markets

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Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, and Tencent, the videogame behemoth, are seeking ways to extend their strong presence in markets roiled by fickle consumer expectations and under competitive pressure. Profits will suffer...

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Asian Juggernauts

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Strengthening their grip on the semi-conductor industry, South Korea and Taiwan are in the lead, China is catching up fast and Japan appears determined to maintain its market share.... all told the countries commit to almost 80% of global equipment capex

Unpacking foundational tech

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A small number of specialized semi-conductor equipment manufacturers have a lock on all the most advanced applications in high-tech hardware. The industry is foundational in US-China trade negotiations because China tech cannot do without

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