Potash Plots

Pininvest Analysis on Agriculture

Supplied by large mining firms to a small number of global food producers, potash today is competitively priced - prodding smaller specialty chemical firms to diversify from the commodity market with sustainable agri-solutions

Brazil, foodbasket to the world

Pininvest Analysis on China

Leader in soybean exports, the premier agricultural commodity, and well ahead of the U.S., Brazil agribusiness aims at making the most of the country's natural advantage by maitaining the land and water resources - a contradiction in terms ?

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Uncomfortable truths

Pininvest Analysis on China

Confronted with unsatiable demand for milk, New Zealand's fragile ecosystem is front-running environmental risks exposing much larger economies worldwide, glad to supply in the short term, but at what cost ?

Land of milk and honey

Pininvest Analysis on China

Ratcheting up milk supply, New Zealand is now coping with the environmental fallout. Too much of a good thing or, more probably, a warning shot the major global agriculture exporters would discount at their peril

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