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Fou Ts'ong - an obituary

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Fou Ts'ong witnessed some of China's darkest pages . Standing his ground and honouring the values of his parents with discretion and fortitude, Mr. Fou's life must be remembered

Rebounding? - U.S. and China Retail

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Expected to gain the upper hand in short order, China's domestic consumer market is not (yet) living up to its promises while America sticks to the self-assigned mission of gobbling up more foreign goods than ever...aggravating tensions

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Uncomfortable truths

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Confronted with unsatiable demand for milk, New Zealand's fragile ecosystem is front-running environmental risks exposing much larger economies worldwide, glad to supply in the short term, but at what cost ?

Land of milk and honey

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Ratcheting up milk supply, New Zealand is now coping with the environmental fallout. Too much of a good thing or, more probably, a warning shot the major global agriculture exporters would discount at their peril

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Pininvest Analysis on China

Plunging again since early 2020, the U.S. trade deficit looks unhinged with consumer demand favoring imported goods and an economic cycle out of step with resurgent Asian countries, China leading the pack

Gambling chips in trade wars

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China is betting the house on semiconductor design and advanced technologies but for the US the complexity of the strategic choices impacting the industry, as they relate to technological advance and to national security, is hard to understate

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Withering digital wallets ?

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Mobile payments have become a defining feature of Chinese society and the two Internet majors, Aibaba and Tencent, dominate digital consumer transactions at the expense of traditional banking. The Chinese Central Bank is seeking a way out...

Navigating maturing markets

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Alibaba, the e-commerce giant, and Tencent, the videogame behemoth, are seeking ways to extend their strong presence in markets roiled by fickle consumer expectations and under competitive pressure. Profits will suffer...

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China's Silicon Hearts

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Whoever controls the production of advanced Integrated Circuits commands the terms of trade between nations...With US and Asian semi-conductor majors protective of their Chinese market shares, it is for the US government to confront new reality

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