In furore iustissimae irae

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

Lies, cascading down from up high in the dulcet tones of politicians, lies are so close to propaganda as to become hard to distinguish. And in the end, resistance, bound to be divisive, lends legitimacy to propaganda, because it is the same

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Avoid looking desperate

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

Post-Brexit, trade negotiations will be engaged under pressure of the economic sectors most exposed to the loss of their European markets, joined by the vocal requests of 'Leavers' at risk of seeing their livelihood wiped out (fisheries, lamb producers..)

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Cross-Border Raison d'Etre

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

With purposeful regulations, the environmental push of the European Union could turn out to be a shared concern beyond the continent's borders and weigh on the two other 'rule-makers' worldwide - China and America

New leadership for Europe

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

Received with telling indifference across Europe, the leadership selection for Europe's institutions shines unforgiving light on the transience of political majorities, giving the lie to charges of technocratic dominance against the national will

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An American high-roller in India

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has put his personal reputation on line by entering one of world's most difficult retail markets, all guns blazing. Enduring success is fast becoming a test of wills with big Indian retail determined to protect home turf

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Tiny Comoros loom large

Pininvest Analysis on France

Mayotte, a French Département in the Comoros archipelago, is overpopulated, underemployed, and poorly educated - a potential target of unvarnished Chinese and Russian ambitions, and a basket case for a medium-sized ex-colonial power

Bang for Bangui

Pininvest Analysis on France

Troubled Central African Republic, a former French colony, proffers another complex arbitrage medium-sized ex-colonial powers – such as France or the United Kingdom – have to resolve to confront larger resurgent world powers

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Gambling chips in trade wars

Pininvest Analysis on China

China is betting the house on semiconductor design and advanced technologies but for the US the complexity of the strategic choices impacting the industry, as they relate to technological advance and to national security, is hard to understate

The American Interest

Pininvest Analysis on China

In the era of globalization, the outlook of US business does not mesh with the politics of national interest. Addicted to international trade, American companies are the willing partners of China's advance... but for how long ?

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FinTech in China

Pininvest Analysis on China

FinTech has opened a window of opportunities in a mostly dormant financial market and this report argues that the early stages of this financial revolution, fairly substantial in urban China, are only part of the story

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Downturns & Small-Caps

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

After a marked pull-back mid-September, our small cap segment of 240 companies has been dropping again sharply on Dec. 4, slumping by approx. 20% for the quarter, and possibly front-running further market turbulence