Russia - America's LNG contests

Pininvest Analysis on Energy

A powerful energy sector has turned the US into an aggressive gas exporter, intent to curtail deliveries by traditional gas providers on target markets and American officials are raising the stakes, weighing in with geopolitical influence over US allies

Nord Stream 2 - Cause célèbre ?

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The case against the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline which connects Russia to Germany on the bottom of the Baltic Sea has been riding high in the wake of the moral indignation aroused by Russian opponent Alexei Navalny's fate

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Central Asia crossroads

Eurasia is again a geopolitical reality with the Chinese communication infrastructure on a continental scale and the powerful draw of energy riches, but populous, fragile and deeply divided Central Asia is exposed to overreach by mighty land powers

OECD GDP '20 - Trouble in store

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

In the light of new waves of the pandemic spreading on the European Continent, the 'controlled optimism' of the most recent Nov. OECD 'base-line' projections is wearing thin, delaying the projected recovery into the second quarter of 2021

Headwinds battering Europe

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

The comparison of stimulus policies, decided to counter the economic consequences of the pandemic across Europe, reveals the strengths and the frailties in countries starting out with vastly different fundamentals

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Pininvest Analysis on France

The islands in the Indian Ocean bearing the name are indeed 'scattered' around Madagascar, mainly in the Mozambique Channel. Formally under French sovereignty, their tiny size belies their growing strategic importance for the world's most powerful players

Tiny Comoros loom large

Pininvest Analysis on France

Mayotte, a French Département in the Comoros archipelago, is overpopulated, underemployed, and poorly educated - a potential target of unvarnished Chinese and Russian ambitions, and a basket case for a medium-sized ex-colonial power

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Not so Pacific Islands

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The projection of Chinese power across the Pacific is a game-changer and a two-pronged strategy, asserting military power behind walls and letting trade flows trickle beyond, across the island archipelagos of the Pacific 

Asia, a global powerhouse

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The rise of Asia represents the beginnings of a shift in the balance of economic power in the world and some erosion in the political dominance of the West. Although massive, the poverty reduction could have been much greater but for the rising inequality

India e-commerce - Game Set Match ?

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Connected by digital networks within two years, 800 million Indian consumers are the ultimate prize in e-commerce to establish global reach. Prepared for a fight, no holds barred, America's largest firms are committed to strategies for the long haul...

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Pininvest Analysis on China

Plunging again since early 2020, the U.S. trade deficit looks unhinged with consumer demand favoring imported goods and an economic cycle out of step with resurgent Asian countries, China leading the pack

Gambling chips in trade wars

Pininvest Analysis on China

China is betting the house on semiconductor design and advanced technologies but for the US the complexity of the strategic choices impacting the industry, as they relate to technological advance and to national security, is hard to understate

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Downturns & Small-Caps

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After a marked pull-back mid-September, our small cap segment of 240 companies has been dropping again sharply on Dec. 4, slumping by approx. 20% for the quarter, and possibly front-running further market turbulence

The Digitalization of India

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Far reaching and ambitious in the breadth of its digital sweep across India, the plan portends to be inclusive, leaving no Indian behind, fair in treating all businesses on an equal footing, competitive and compelling for domestic challengers

India - Coming in from the cold

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If demography is any guide, India will dominate the Asian theater within a few years, but to act responsibly in the geopolitical power play, its economic performance must be up to the challenge and digital revolutions heighten expectations

Brexit - Unpicking a "Done Deal"

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

The UK will maintain access to the single market with some rule-setting flexibility but the essential ingredients of a successful treaty, trust, shared values and far sighted mutual engagement, do not look promising

Much ado about nothing ?

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

Romantic principles have a way of stirring emotion and of nursing frustration, and Mr. Johnson delivered a consummate appeal in the court of public opinion. From dream to reality, wake-up calls are hard to make

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COVID Backlash

Pininvest Analysis on Total Market

The economic impact of the pandemic on employment is harsh for frontier export markets, still in the early stages of development. Warping the value chain of the low-end garment manufacturers, structural consequences may be worse

Heavy weather on Asian seas

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Optimism is pervading South-East Asian economics but the geopolical balance between competing powers, abutting the region on its periphery, remains vulnerable to gross miscalculation. Shared interests do not necessarily guarantee the outcome

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Fou Ts'ong - an obituary

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Fou Ts'ong witnessed some of China's darkest pages . Standing his ground and honouring the values of his parents with discretion and fortitude, Mr. Fou's life must be remembered

Rebounding? - U.S. and China Retail

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Expected to gain the upper hand in short order, China's domestic consumer market is not (yet) living up to its promises while America sticks to the self-assigned mission of gobbling up more foreign goods than ever...aggravating tensions

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Bisogna che tutto cambi ?

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Demography is an incontrovertible force, driving the underpinnings of Italy's aging society to breaking point. The creeping danger of a numerical decline of the workforce has become a brutal reality bearing down alarmingly on labor productivity

E la nave va ?

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Italians, conflicted – likable and engaging and torn between hopes of yesteryear and today’s reality – tread a narrow path between a make-believe tantrum, irreversible commitments in the name of uncertain policies and actual structural reform

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