Tesla 2020 and beyond

Pininvest Analysis on EVs

After banner year '20, the hard part...Beating back the onslaught of attractive mid-tier car models and maintaining a 'cachet' setting the brand apart in the luxury segment, Tesla has its work cut out as more production capacity is rolling off the line

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Robotics in transition

Pininvest Analysis on Robotics

Robots are driving the automation revolution sweeping through industries across the world but concentration on a few key sectors foretells maturing demand....Focus on the growing interest in professional service robots condones new investment strategies

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Trade is War – and the fight regional

Pininvest Analysis on China

Trade has never been free, even though globalization has powered economic growth around the world. With China a major player at every level from the most labor-intensive industry to the most advanced, emerging markets are being squeezed out