Tesla - Framing 2025

When innovation creates demand  where there was none, the new market is beneficial for first-mover innovators, but Tesla may come to recognize that the advantage is fleeting and that reinvention is truly difficult

Fiat's Game of Poker

Potentially upending the automotive industry under the guise of political urgency, regulatory pressure favoring solutions of ‘clean transportation’ is adding a new dimension to Fiat’s carefully crafted strategy

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Mobile games under pressure

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Since July 2018, the markets have not been kind for most videogame companies. Both Chinese firms extending their sucessful business model across Asia and Western competitors have their work cut out

Streaming games

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Investors' first take on the current fall-back of the major game publishers is dire : the good times are over and winter is coming, but the industry might prepare in stealth mode to adjust to technological revolutions in the offing

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