UK - A government on tenterhooks

Pininvest Analysis on Brexit

National symbols of sovereignty and independence, paraded imprudently in the limelight of divisive causes, come back to bind their proponents hand and foot but, in the end, three discrepant rule makers will be calling the shots

Cross-Border Raison d'Etre

Pininvest Analysis on Europe

With purposeful regulations, the environmental push of the European Union could turn out to be a shared concern beyond the continent's borders and weigh on the two other 'rule-makers' worldwide - China and America

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The economics of coronavirus (II)

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

Confronting very different challenges inherited from their political and institutional history, Europe as well as America will need to seek a path to rebuild the trust of their constituencies, a tall order amidst tone-deaf warring parties but a vital one

The economics of coronavirus (I)

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

With spread rates of the virus off the charts, connectivity as defining trait of humanity has shown itself as a two-faced phenomenon governing modern life, which created economic opportunity for all but constrains domestic economic policies today

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Gambling chips in trade wars

Pininvest Analysis on China

China is betting the house on semiconductor design and advanced technologies but for the US the complexity of the strategic choices impacting the industry, as they relate to technological advance and to national security, is hard to understate

The American Interest

Pininvest Analysis on China

In the era of globalization, the outlook of US business does not mesh with the politics of national interest. Addicted to international trade, American companies are the willing partners of China's advance... but for how long ?

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Apple - Perfect Storm

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

Raison d'Etat - poorly translated as 'national interest' - is a shot across the bow, forcing business to reconsider dearly held assumptions but geopolitics remains an elusive agent of influence, complicating Apple's long-term options

Apple - One more thing Tim Cook knows ?

Pininvest Analysis on Growth

The severe share price correction since October has been related to a set-back of sales on foreign markets, especially China, but structural issues - and how Apple’s management will address the challenge - have more relevance for the long term investor