A cannabis high... really ?

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High expectations for exponentially growing cannabis demand rely presumably on the extrapolation of sales in liberal US States ... but are blurred lines between medical uses and recreation a recipe for enduring mainstream success ?

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COVID-19 Vaccines

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

Chaos seems pre-ordained in FDA approval processes of numerous candidate vaccines. With a fluid reference to 'efficacy', the FDA is expected to deliver emergency authorizations within months, followed by rigorous and extensive year-long studies

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Dr. Moll's challenge

Pininvest Analysis on Health Care

The achievements of Fred Moll in medical robotics are close to legendary but the collaboration of Dr. Moll with Johnson & Johnson, may raise the bar, with real-time management of the data feeds informing the robotics applications - the next frontier...

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Challenging times for Celgene

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Revlimid, a drug for multiple myeloma, is the main stay of Celgene’s business (approx. 2/3 of 2017 $13bn turnover) – the drug also highlights the challenges of large biopharmaceutical companies priced for growth