The future of energy storage

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Associate Professors J. Johnson and J. DeCarolis, North Carolina State University, envision the advent of grid-scale batteries, providing the utilities with flexible energy delivery, if the price per KwH of lithium batteries continues to plummet

Improved lithium-ion battery technology

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To charge the battery, the anode loads up lithium ions. Ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode to generate power With a higher ‘upload’, replacing the graphite anode by a silicon – graphite mix anode, the battery will generate more power

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Controling milk supply and adding value

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Concentration movements have involved Nestle (a $12 billion purchase of Pfizer’s infant nutrition business in 2012), Lactalis (control of Italian Parmalat in 2012-2016) and others in an effort to broaden international presence and dairy product ranges