Gas pipelines - ties that bind...

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U.S. interference with European energy policy throws unsparing light on a collective security frameworik inherited from the Cold War and superseded by America's demand of its Western partners to share the defense burden

Nord Stream 2 - the end game

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The U.S. attempt to block the final leg of the construction of the new Gazprom pipeline looks dated, fitting oddly in the dynamics of the European energy policy under the Single Market regulations

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India - The meaning of Mukesh Ambani

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Reliance Industries' retail ventures are at the tipping point of a retail revolution in India, meshing digital expertise with a strong commitment to the small shopkeepers; the e-commerce battle is only in the first innings

Robinhood Series – ETNs

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How big, how bad Exchange Traded Notes( ETNs) could turn out to be for private investors oblivious of the underlying risk...but the trends in fund pricing of the Energy market remain powerful indicators no one should ignore

Laws of Unintended Consequences

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Greens may be too closely indentified with scientific expertise on climate change to fully recognize the unintended consequences of principled policies, which call for compromise and understanding of the trade-offs required to stay on target

The future of energy storage

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Associate Professors J. Johnson and J. DeCarolis, North Carolina State University, envision the advent of grid-scale batteries, providing the utilities with flexible energy delivery, if the price per KwH of lithium batteries continues to plummet

Improved lithium-ion battery technology

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To charge the battery, the anode loads up lithium ions. Ions travel through the electrolyte to the cathode to generate power With a higher ‘upload’, replacing the graphite anode by a silicon – graphite mix anode, the battery will generate more power

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US Energy Outlook 2017

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Projections for US energy consumption as well as energy production through 2040 are obviously shrouded in uncertainty because of the interplay of multiple multiple factors over such extended time frames